Senior Synthesis Projects

These are projects performed by undergraduates as part of fulfilling the requirements for the B.S. degree. The senior projects provide the students to opportunity to perform research while satisfying departmental graduation criteria. Some of the projects yielded testbeds provided the foundation for further research in new areas, some were used by graduate students towards completing their research and some developed interesting devices. A list of the projects completed in the research lab is shown below along with the students who worked on them.

15. Erin Smith, Orvil Thapa, Samer Malaabi, Santosh Gurung, Humaidhee Sanoon, Oluwafemi Shotunde - MAE Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
Research and design a “smart” robotic gripper for irregular object handling

14. Neha Gada, Asvin Peiris, Mohammed Aliakbar, Segio Gutierrez, Husain Lohawala - MAE Spring 2014 - Summer 2014
Design, development, demonstration of an inkjet dispensing head(s) for bio-printing applications

13. Jacob Oberg (lead), Toby Anderson, Russell Collins, Andrew Dierdorf, and Ryan Moody - MAE Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Design and Construction of the new Generation 3D Printer

The ME second semester senior group sponsored by the MARS lab was invited to participate and present their design project research in the ASAIO Second Annual Student Design Competition to be held on June 19th during the ASAIO 60th Annual Conference, June 18 – 21, 2014 in Washington, DC ( The title of the submitted project is Multi-Polymeric 3D Print Head for Use in Bioprosthetic Research. Here is the link to the conference program - scroll down to page 9 second column ( The team members are Toby Anderson, Russell Collins, Andrew Dierdorf, Ryan Moody, Jacob Oberg (team leader) under the direction of Dr. Shiakolas.
Note that 48 national-international teams were invited to submit their proposals for the competition back in early spring and 8 submissions were selected as winners.
Congratulations on being one of the winners and the invitation (along with partial financial support) to participate and present your project in this national - international competition!

12. Daniel Lain (lead), Jesse Bowles, Timothy Edmondson, and Shawn Simonson - CSE Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Software Development for Multi-material Additive Manufacturing
(These are Computer Science and Engineering senior students who are collaborating with the MAE senior students on the same project learning about cross-discipline collaboration towards the same goal)

11. Harris Enotiades (lead), Brenna Burris, Keilon Lathan, and Andrew Watkins - MAE Spring 2013 - Summer 2013
Design and Construction of an Upper Limb Prosthesis Arm

10. Letia Blanco (lead), Chris Alberts, Kyle Gofrey, Chris Grace, and Andrew Patin (co-supervised with Prof. Pranesh Aswath) - MAE Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
Controlled Release Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Burns
Note: This group won the 2011 ASM Materials Foundation Undergraduate Design Competition

9. Richard Margolin (lead), Joshua Jach, and Jonathan Nichols -MAE Spring 2010 - Summer 2010
Design, Analysis, Construction of a 3 DOF Robotic Leg using a Single Motor for Actuation

8. Elizabeth McClellen, Nancy Prathoumvanh, Eduardo Banda. Joseph LaCour, Melissa Phothisane, and Shih Teng - MAE Spring 2008 - Summer 2008
Actuated Robotic Hand: Single Finger Design and Analysis

7. Ashu Balimba, Gabriela Guzman, Vladimir Sosa, and Garrett Wright - MAE Summer 2008 - Spring 2008
A Polymeric Coronary Stent Testing Ddevice

6. Brian Amond, Derek Cannon, and Rahman Yousef - MAE Spring 2001 - Summer 2001
On the Development of a Tripod Walking Robot

5. Amy Smaistrla (lead), Bryan Baron, and Brent Scott  - MAE Spring 1999 - Summer 1999
Development of an Electromagnetic Levitation Controls Experiment. Additional Information can be found here.

4. Jason McPeak, Jessica Weir, Gregory Pasienski, and William Mann - MAE Fall 1998 - Spring 1999
Three Finger End Effector: Development of a Force Sensing Three Fingered End Effector for
Robotic Applications.
Additional Information can be found here.

3. Randall Saunders, Patrick R. Brown, Stephen Duncan, and Nathan C. Leigh - MAE Fall 1998 – Spring 1997
Six Degree of Freedom Robotic Device with Force Feedback: Hardware Development of an
One-Degree of Freedom Pneumatic Force Feedback Joystick for Robotic Teleoperation

2. Alfredo Valadez (lead), Jeff Dublin, Radu Jitariu, and Matthew Schmitz - MAE Spring 1997  - Summer 1997
Robotic Drill End Effector with Autoexchange Drill Capabiity

1. Jack Murphy, Nick Burtea, and John Havens - MAE Fall 1996 - Spring 1997
Design of a Quick Connect Disconnect Coupler for Modular Robots

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