Class Projects
The students registered for the robotics courses learn to program the industrial robots available in the MARS lab that include IBM 7535 and IBM 7545 SCARA, a GMF S-110 articulated, and an HP ORCA (articulated on a rail). The students learn robot safety, robot structured programming and other issues related to robotics theory and application. The project requirement sheets along with the short description shown below provide more information for each project. Their current assignment is to teach the GMF robot pick and place operations utilizing endeffector sensors to find an unknown number of parts and arrange them in a pattern from a conveyor system interfaced with the robot controller. Two students are shown working on this very project. An overview of the assigned projects for this class are shown below.

SCARA Robot Familiarization

    The first project will require you to program the IBM 7535 SCARA robot. The main objectives of this project are to get familiar with structured robot programming but mainly robot safety issues.
Project 1 requirements sheet

Articulated Robot Familiarization

    In this project, you are to familiarize and experiment with an articulated robot, a GMF S-110. The main objectives of this project are to get familiar with structured robot programming, articulated robot capability, workspace reach, KAREL language (while, true, if, math operations, etc.), robot safety issues, program development, writing, compiling, executing, point teaching, extensive use of taught point information, and other issues as discussed in class.
Project 2 requirements sheet

Survey of Off-Line Programming Software

    This assignment is to develop a survey report on currently available OLP software.
Project 3 requirements sheet
Download project 3 presentations

Virtual Prototyping of a Robotic Cell

    An automated robotic workcell consists of various components / peripherals including a robot which work together for accomplishing a task. The complexity of these cells depends on the task or process to be performed.
Project 4 requirements sheet

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